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NCS Engineering Solutions: dynamic team at the service of customer

Business strategy: Concept, Design, Communicate

NCS Engineering Solution s.r.l. is a services society was born was born in 2005 joining CAD/CAM applications specialists and multimedia communication professionals. Business strategy can besummarized in three words: conceptdesign and communication. Through both this approach and the different technical skills, we can offer consultancy services in various industrial fields about a wide products range.

Guaranteed project quality

The project quality is guaranteed by our dynamic and active team, whom can operate directly at the client’s headquarter, with hardware and software independence.

Focus on the client

NCS Engineering Solutions is a service company with a business model focused on the customer. Customer’s satisfaction means for us: to give fast answers to the questions, to realize detailed design and to meet the deadline.

NCS: the perfect partner

NCS Engineering Solutions is the ideal partner for all the companies that consider interconnection between concept, design and communication, as an essential condition in order to obtain a successful product in short time and with contained costs.

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