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Engineering for Architecture

NCS develops detailed and construction project for facades, curtain walls, roofs and metal framing, starting from the client’s 2D drawings. Through the construction of the 3D model, with all the projects parts, NCS verifies the feasibility of architectural choices and realizes detailed and construction project, production drawings, BOMs, technical drawings for installation and videos or maintenance  manuals. With the last used software updates, NCS is completely inserted in the architectural world, thanks to the compatibility with the BIM tools.

Metal cladding

Starting from the client 2D drawings (plans, elevations and sections) NCS realized the 3D model of Hadid tower commercial volume cladding system. Placing the plan, the elevations and the sections in the virtual space, it was possibile to ricreate the whole metal shall and determine through the architectural lines the geometry of each metal sheet of the facade.

Interior cladding

NCS made the three-dimensional recreation of the internal cladding of the lobbies, that the client provided as 2D drawings and sections. The assembly of the boards in a virtual mock-up permitted to identify geometric interferences and projectual incongruities. Through this analysis, it was possible to modify the defective portions and to develop the construction drawings for the production of the krion and plasterboard plates.

Engineering of concrete panels

Starting from theoretical reference shapes, NCS studied the envelope system, developing semi-automatic procedures to convert theoretical linear shapes in geometries that could be congruent with the production process. The phase of the panels extraction from the formworks was verified through structural analysis, in order to identify every mistake of the design phase.

Curtain walls

The virtual three-dimensional ricreation of every part of the project permitted to identify the atypical situations and to solve the structure in each point. the construction design included construction detailed drawings and materials itemized lists. During the building site phase, NCS produced the laying drawings and some illustrative videos for the assembly and dismantling phases (for the maintenance too).

Rooftop panels

NCS worked on the roof top of the “sails” structure, in particular of the elements of the cover that could be opened for maintenance of the sails. The boards study was developed through the realization of the 3D virtual model, owned by the elaboration of the fields survey. NCS has elaborated the production drawings of both the single metal sheets and the assemblies of parts to assembly in laboratory. The production drawings was supported by compilation of materials itemized lists, organized on the client’s model.

Engineering for Architecture Brochure

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