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CNC Machining

To better support the its customers, NCS has improved its laboratory with CNC mashining.

The 5-axis high speed working center installation allows the composite materials and light alloys manufacturing with high accuracy (ideal for aerospace, motorsport, etc.). Thanks to completed encasing it is possible to contain powder caused by carbon fiber.

NCS is able to work with a broad range of not ferrous materials. Particularly interesting are: aluminum, carbon, poliurethan resins, plastic, polystyrene, rohacell and clay. These materials allows NEC to offer a more dedicated and complete service to its customers, both in the terms of prototyping and small series.

As additional services to the CNC machining service, NCS also offers the milling surfaces definition, the tool path definition and verification, the cut and bonding of the row tables, the refinement and the final assembly of the components.

CNC Machining Brochure

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