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Scan and 3D printing

With 3D printing, NCS identifies services oriented to the production field, including in addition to prototyping, even their recovery, finish and assembly. Usually, single professional or a technical office aren’t able to develope these procedures. To realize a functional prototype is a more complicated operation than the term 3D printing suggests. For example, because of their dimensions some objects can’t be realized once, sometimes the geometry of the pieces involves some deformations. For this reason technologies must be supported by experts able to prevent and balance these fenomena.
NCS makes tridimensional survey of physical objects, for dimensional control or mathematical recontruction. If request, this service can take place directly in the customer’s headquarter.

Laboratory is next to the technical office and has a really tight relationship with it, both from functional and visual point of view: glass doors permit physical separation keeping the possibility of a constant activities monitoring. Inside the lab, division in specifical areas is linked to operative needs: printing, producing, painting and assembly.

Our technician are able to modify the object to prototype with all the need changes to obtain a correct realization, in order to have the prototype with the same functionality of the real object. Through lab and virtual tests NCS improves the prototype design, suggesting to customer changes to the piece.

The hardware of the laboratory is composed by:

  • HP 3d printer color – printing solution uses recyclable ABS plastic
  • Dimension Elite – ABSplus 9 colours build size 203 x 203 x 305 mm
  • Project MJP 2500, printing volume: 295 x 211 x 142 mm
  • BST 1200 – ABSplus 9 colours build size 254 x 254 x 305 mm

For prototyping NCS uses two different technologies. FDM technology permits to realize pieces with the same properties (strenght and stability) of the plastic used for injection mould, for CNC manufacturing and in other traditional productions. Z-corp technology for evaluetion prototypes, colored with chalk powder deposition.

The prototype extracted from the machine is often completed from a morphological but not functional point of view: for example reamed or threaded holes have to be handmade, sometimes on the assembly product. On demand, NCS assemblies the components, providing the product “keys in hand”, painted and finished.

The assembly area inside the laboratory has all the need hardware for the finishing phases to obtain completed prototype. Spray painting, made through aerograph, is realized in a specific area, dedicated and separated from the other activities in the laboratory.

The hardware of the laboratory is composed by:

  • Open technologies structured light: scan area 300x240x240 mm, precision ±20÷40 μm
  • Next engine desktop laser scanner: scan area min. 96,5, max. 256,5

After the scan, NCS uses the hardware own software for the surfaces reconstruction.

NCS uses two technologies in a complementary way. Open technology permits to obtain a rapid scan with a high and accurate precision level. The hardware completeness allows onsite scan, by customer’s headquarter. Next engine desktop laser scanner is used for smaller objects, where details are less important (scan for remodelling).

Manufacturing and Lab Brochure

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