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Engineering for Moulds

Thanks to the experience of its collaborators, NCS is able to develop projects for different kind of moulds: thermoplastic, die-casting, thermoforming, compression, low pressure and carbon millwork. The design approach always starts from the feasibility study of the product and from its tolerances. Thus it is often commissioned to NCS the engineering part of the work. In fact, thanks to an optimus knowledge of the metalic and plastic materials, NCS is able to edit the project in order to have an optimisation of the realisation process, with the minimum impact on both the shape and the final functionality.
NCS develops the total design for the mould: starting from the part separation, to the mould completion. The projects are delivered with the itemized list and the bidimensional boards. If there is the need, NCS team can follow the customer’s particular standards. NCS offers body rental service too.

Thermoplastic mould with eight tracks

Thermoplastic mould with eight tracks with canal of casting and tunnel point of injection. Double moviments with slide unit with controlled translations. Screwing off with a gears system commanded with a rack with a hydraulic cylinder.

Thermoplastic mould with one track

Thermoplastic mould with one track, direct injection on the part with hot runner. 3 hydraulic cylinders for lateral inserts movement.

Die casting mould

Die casting mould realized at the customer’s headquarter following the customer’s standards. Starting from the finished part (by client), it was realized the rough model with the injection system and the mould core cavity.

Compression mould

Model for dimensional and geometrical controll with constant pitch grid. In detail: internal and external boundaries with parallel curves, that define the minimum and maximum range of cut, given from the assembly tolerances.

Starting from the customer’s model and tipical sections parting surface was realized for the bed-knife part and then for the knife part with the concerning empty.

Sheet metal moulds

Cutting die mould related to the first part of the cutting sequence (studied by the customer) for automotive metal sheet part. The project was realized at the customer’s headquarter.

Low pressure mould

Two tracks mould for low pressure injection of telene. The project consists of mould and part division with the bed-knife part.

Carbon lamination mould

Aluminum mould for an helmet cap in carbon fiber. In this case in addition to the disign phase, NCS, through its partnership, provided both the mould construction and metrological inspection.

Thermoforming mould

Mould for a refrigerator door. In detail: the kinematic simulation of the inserts of the undercut zones. In the mould has been designed every holes for the air aspiration.

Engineering for Moulds Brochure

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