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Engineering for Mechanical

The numerous consultant activities dispensed in many years of work allows NCS to gain knowledge in different industrial fields. In particular, NEC develops its specific and high quality know-how in automotive, plants and hospital sectors, indentifing them as NCS principal design fields.
The technician of NCS have, beyond materials and technical industrial design knowledge, an optimus familiarity with the most advanced productive technologies too.
Direct contact with the customer permits to design fairly soon, to submit and perform design choises and easily monitor work in progress, minimizing wasted time of data exchange. Sometimes, if required, the team of NCS works directly in the customer’s headquarter.

Foaming plant

Handling moulds services for car seats foaming. In detail: handling of mould truck and its closure mechanism.

Cogeneration plant

Cogeneration plant design. In detail cochleas and walking path.

Led light

Led suspension light project with Studio Quantis. The images show assembly details, optical simulation, thermal and photometric requirements.

Track structure

Co-design of welded and bolted sheet metal for industrial vehicle.

Surgery block

3D design of San Juan de Dios hospital of Cordoba surgery block, to verify spaces, forniture and equipment.

Engineering for Mechanical Brochure

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